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Colin Kaepernick, Bruce Miller drop Big Sleeper on the Jaguars

The 49ers opened up the playbook in their Week 8 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. We break down Big Sleeper. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers had little trouble with the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, and one play in particularly made that especially clear. The play is called "Big Sleeper", and it definitely left the Jaguars snoozing. James Brady put together three GIFs of the play to help us see what happened.

On the first offensive play of the game, running back Frank Gore rushed for three yards, setting up 2nd and 7. The 49ers went to form their huddle, and players were exiting and entering for substitutions. Fullback Bruce Miller and two other players left as they appeared to be heading off the field. The view isn't great, but you can see Miller look back and then start to leave the field.


The 49ers then lined up in an offset I that included Michael Wilhoite in at fullback. I completely missed that while watching the game, and even in the snap count. Colin Kaepernick hiked the ball, quickly turned to his right and fired a pass toward the sideline. Guess who was standing there uncovered?


Here is another view of the play from the sideline:


The 49ers said they had practiced this play quite a bit in practice. I suppose the 49ers could have saved this play for a more important game, when it might be more necessary. However, for now, teams now have to keep this piece of info in the back of their minds. Opposing defenses already have plenty to prepare for, and this is one more play to add to the mix. I doubt we see the 49ers run this again, but it's at least out there.

It is also worth noting, the 49ers called a similar play last year against the New York Jets. Alex Smith was the starting quarterback at the time, but the team had Colin Kaepernick in the huddle as well for a potential read option play. Kap went to leave the field, stopped and was uncovered, but the Jets called a timeout before the 49ers could get the play off.

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