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Thursday Night Football open thread: Bengals vs. Dolphins

We take a look at Thursday Night Football, and open a thread for discussion.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers have Week 9 off for their bye, which means we get to kick back and enjoy football without getting toooooo stressed about it. I'm sure we'll get a little stressed during the Seahawks game with the Bucs, but given the Seahawks are heavy favorites, I'm not going to get in too much of a huff if they win big.

The Bengals and Dolphins kick things off on Thursday Night Football. The Bengals are 6-2, while the Dolphins are 3-4. The Bengals are off to a strong start in the AFC North, sitting in first place with a 2 1/2 game lead, while the Dolphins are 2 1/2 back of the Patriots in the AFC East. This is obviously huge for both teams, but the Bengals could really build some more space with the Ravens heading in to Cleveland to face the Browns.

If you want to talk Aldon Smith, we've got an open thread. We'll have more tomorrow on Aldon.