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Golden Nuggets: A Lot at Steak

Saturday, October 5, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Time to fire up that grill.
Time to fire up that grill.
Joel Reyes

After a successful road trip to St. Louis, the Niners are back for some home cooking and steak is officially on the menu. How do you want your Texan? If our defense gets it's way, it's going to be bloody rare. They rebounded well last week, but is the run defense still as stout (Branch) as it has been the past two years? Patrick Willis is still not a lock to play (Barrows), which means the youngsters might have to step up again (CSN) and be a factor. Veteran Tramaine Brock has filled in nicely at CB3 (Inman) while Nnamdi Asomugha has been injured, and he will have to continue to play well to help limit the Houston passing game. Does DC Vic Fangio have enough secret sauce to keep his boys playing aggressive yet legal football (PFT)? This 2013 version of the 49ers still has a lot to prove (ESPN) but so do the Houston Texans, and it will be exciting to see who will come up big on Sunday night.

Team notes

For Kassim, so far Osgood | Kassim Osgood Sparks 49ers Special Teams (Price)

Meanwhile, Jaws' mancrush on Colin Kaepernick seems to have taken a hit | Kaepernick drops in Jaws' QB rankings (Williamson)

Surprisingly, Kap has done well when facing blitz pressure | Will Kaepernick beat Texans' blitz? (Williamson)

Harbaugh talks mostly defense as he gives his Friday presser | Coach's Notebook: Oct. 4 (49ers)

Trent Baalke tries to defend the reasoning behind letting B. J. Daniels go, but it doesn't sound convincing | 49ers G.M. defends decision to release B.J. Daniels (Inman)

One last goodbye

Former 49ers reminisce as they say goodbye to Candlestick on its final season | Farewell Candlestick: Greatest Comeback (49ers)

Veteran commentator and former 49ers broadcaster Al Michaels also shares his memories | NFL: Al Michaels and a farewell to Candlestick Park (SJ Mercury News)

Former 49ers third string QB and the newest Seattle Seahawk says a thing or two about his pickup | Daniels Signing Wasn't Gamesmanship Move (Scout)


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