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49ers vs. Texans odds: Line slides down with heavy money on Houston

The San Francisco 49ers opened as a six to seven point favorite over the Houston Texans. Oddsmakers have seen big money coming in on the Texans leading up to Sunday Night Football. We break down what it means. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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The 49ers and Texans square off in a couple hours, and more and more people are looking at this as a fairly close matchup. The 49ers opened as six to seven point favorites, but big money has brought that down to as low as 4 1/2 points at some sites. Although the 49ers are coming off a big win over the Rams, and the Texans are coming off a tough loss to the Seahawks, people were not too keen on the 49ers as touchdown favorites.

At this point, we don't really know what the 49ers OR Texans bring to the table on a weekly basis. We've seen some of their best play this season, but we've seen more of their worse play. The 49ers seemed to get back on track with their game plan against the Rams, but will it hold up against a much tougher Texans defense? The 49ers do have the offensive line to impose their will on the Texans, but we have to wait and see how Greg Roman & Co. call this game. If he tries to get too cute, that Texans pass rush could cause some serious problems.

The key for the 49ers will be getting off to a strong start. If they can get an early lead, they can turn this into a game where they dictate the tempo. We'll see if Greg Roman learned anything from the 49ers game plan against the Rams. We'd all love to see the 49ers figure out the answers to their passing game. In the meantime, the team needs to ride Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter week in and week out.