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Tony Jerod-Eddie intercepts Texans QB Matt Schaub

We take a look at Tony Jerod-Eddie's interception of Matt Schaub, and what it means for Matt Schaub.

Ezra Shaw

When it rains, it pours, and it is a downpour for Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub. He has now thrown three interceptions, with one more potential interception dropped by safety Eric Reid. Defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie is the latest to secure an interception. TJE came in when Ray McDonald hurt his biceps muscle and departed for the game.


This interception marked the first pick by a 49ers defensive lineman since Ray McDonald ran back a pick-six against the Carolina Panthers in 2010.

For Schaub, things have gone from bad to worse as he has now been replaced by backup quarterback T.J. Yates. He is in the worst slump of his career, and one has to wonder what is next for him. Is this just a change for today's game, or will Yates handle the QB duties next week? The Texans are incredibly talented on offense, so we'll see how Gary Kubiak and company handle this.