Dorsey question for you folks who know

I'm mostly a college football fan, specifically an LSU Tigers fan, and the vast majority of my interest in the NFL is limited to watching former college players I used to enjoy (especially if they were Tigers). I am wondering what the word is on Glenn Dorsey so far. He's easily one of my favorite former Tigers ever, just a really great personality, player, and work ethic. Other than Suh's final year at Nebraska, I've never seen a DT dominate teams at the college level like he did when he was healthy. He won pretty much every award a DT is eligible for and was a #5 draft pick, and I thought he was worth every bit of it. I was kinda shocked to see the Chiefs take him since they were running a 3-4, and they made him an end to boot. Dorsey was never suited to a 3-4, imo, and certainly wasn't a DE. I've always wondered if his not making a splash in the NFL was because of that, or because he never fully recovered from Auburn's infamous chop-block which sidelined him much of his senior year, or if he just wasn't ever going to be a prime-time NFL lineman. The latter would really have shocked me.

I was happy to see him traded to the 49ers and put on the interior of a 4-3 where he belongs. I've only gotten to watch two Niners games this season, and he seems "okay." Not a liability, not spectacular. Just curious as to what the reports are so far on his total performance, and what are the expectations for him? I hardly ever got to watch him in KC, and looking at him this season, I'm kinda thinking maybe he never fully came back from that injury (this is why everyone should hate Auburn, sorry Carlos Rogers). I know an NFL O-line presents greater challenges than a collegiate one, but he just doesn't look like the same player to me. Doesn't seem to have that explosion off the snap. Not the guy that demanded double teams and still sometimes defeated them. But I'd appreciate thoughts from you guys who know more about the roster and production than I do. I really, really hope he pans out and has a good career there.

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