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NFL announces 3 London games for 2014, including Raiders, Jaguars, Falcons

The NFL announced three London games for the 2014 season. The Raiders, Jaguars and Falcons will each host a game. Could the 49ers end up traveling to London a second straight season? New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


The NFL fall meetings are wrapping up in Washington, DC, and while there is not a lot being decided, there are a few interesting tidbits. The most notable is the NFL's decision to play three 2014 games in London at Wembley Stadium. The league announced that the Raiders, Jaguars and Falcons would be the three host teams next year.

The 49ers 2014 schedule will include road games against the Oakland Raiders and the NFC South team that finishes with the same division standing (if 49ers finish first, they face first place NFC South team). The Falcons could conceivably be that opponent, but the NFC South is tough to figure after the Saints.

Naturally, people are suggesting the 49ers-Raiders game should be moved from the Coliseum to London. Given the cancellation of the preseason 49ers-Raiders series, I suppose that makes some sense. When I first heard this suggestion, I found myself wondering about issues with 49ers and Raiders fans in London, but I have to think the volume of Bay Area-based fans flying out will not be huge.

That being said, would they send the 49ers on this road trip in back-to-back seasons? The 49ers have a solid base of fans in London due to the rise of NFL popularity in London back in the 1980s. But it seems a little unfair to send them back out there for a second straight year. I like the exposure, but I'd prefer to cut down on the travel miles. What do you think?

Here's the rundown of 2014 opponents:


St. Louis
Kansas City
San Diego
NFC North


St. Louis
N.Y. Giants
NFC South

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