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49ers kicking butt in merchandise sales

The 49ers are cleaning up in merchandise sales!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have bounced back the last two weeks to climb back over .500, but one area where they have not been struggling is in merchandise sales. 49ers PR director Bob Lange tweeted out the following information:

I'm curious to see how Colin Kaepernick's jersey sales perform this month given his early season struggles. I know we aren't overly concerned about jersey sales, but it is still interesting to see the ebb and flow of jersey sales and player/team popularity. I would argue jersey sales is right up there with Pro Bowl berths in telling us a little bit about team popularity.

In other Kap news, the 49ers quarterback is going to have IMG handle his marketing work moving forward. XAM Sports will be the ones handling his eventual contract extension negotiation, but IMG joins the growing Kaepernick team.