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Golden Nuggets: Ray McDonald's Injury; Donte Whitner's Big Year

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

"Dude, it's just have to be bad as hell."
"Dude, it's just have to be bad as hell."
Jamie Squire

The news of the day was in regards to Ray McDonald's bicep injury. He's got a partially-torn bicep and says he's expecting to play through it. Remember that Justin Smith played through a partially-torn triceps in the postseason last year and it seemed to limit his effectiveness. But this is a different injury and expected to be less serious. I think you have to be a madman / beastman / super trooper to attempt anything like that. I won't even work if I have a headache, so....

We'll get to all the links regarding McDonald in a minute. But first I'd like to highlight a few articles on the 49ers secondary....LINKS!

49ers Secondary

My vote for biggest surprise of the early season is Donte Whitner. He has done nothing wrong this season (correct me if I'm wrong). He and rookie Eric Reid have been a much more effective tandem than Whitner and the dearly departed Dashon Goldson. Is he pricing himself out of San Francisco? | Whitner or Hitner, Donte is having a monster contract year (BASG)

And speaking of Reid, he has been great tackling. He had a few whiffs early on, but he's laid textbook hits...big hits on opposing teams. He's also been solid in coverage. All worries about the 49ers moving up to take him in the first round should be allayed by now. | So Far, Reid Has Been a Hit for 49ers (NBC)

WOW! - 49ers Pass Defense Ranked No. 2 in NFL (

Ray McDonald

I've already spoiled this article for you. But you have to click through to see the most amazing picture of Ray McDonald you'll ever see. | McDonald says he'll play with partially torn bicep (Barrows)

A similar article, but Eric Branch goes into some detail about just exactly how hard the team has been hit by the injury / rehab bug. We're missing so many key performers for multiple games it's getting ridiculous. But we keep going out and taking care of business on the defensive side of the ball. | Harbaugh: DT McDonald's biceps injury doesn't appear serious (Branch)

Ray McDonald Injury Not Expected to be Serious (

Lingering Texans News

I'm pretty sure I was saying in my dream last night that I don't mind Colin Kaepernick playing like a game manager until we get him some help at WR. I'm thinking 49ers 2011 season stuff. I have nobody to speak about the 49ers to over here in Oz, so I must have been dreaming. I also dreamt that President Obama congratulated me for something and I have no idea what. | 49ers vs. Texans film review: Kaepernick remained a game manager (Gin)

Other Stuff

Cornelius Carradine, the man they call Tank, says he feels ready to play. I can't wait to get him on the field. Especially if it means getting the injured McDonald and old-timey Justin Smith some more down time. | Tank Carradine Feels Ready to Play (

I've been impressed with Corey Lemonier so far this season. He's been filling in on passing downs for Aldon Smith. I haven't had the time to re-watch these last two victories, but he's looked good. | Corey Lemonier getting early chance (ESPN)

Don't even think about it. | Could London come calling for 49ers again? (ESPN)

10 things the 49ers can do right now to look like Super Bowl contenders again (SF Gate)

Turnovers prove to be jarring stat for 49ers (Maiocco)

Worrying about 49ers' receivers (ESPN)

How to beat 49ers? Cards' Arians will consult Colts' Pagano for tips (Branch)

AUDIO - Harbaugh: 'A Great Atmosphere at Candlestick' (

Non-Football Stuff

For all you fans of Jim Harbaugh out there. | Ranking the very best, A-plus-plus Harbaughisms (BASG)

Don't even think about it. | Hard Knocks? It would drive 49ers, Baalke bonkers (Barrows)

Power Rankings: No. 7 San Francisco (ESPN)

Frank Gore up for FedEx Ground Award (

Staley Entertains on Warriors Twitter Account (

Jerry Rice Returns to Reality TV (

Deep trouble for 49ers' passing game starts with play-calling (Cohn)