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49ers vs. Panthers final score: Injuries, poor execution/play-calling doom 49ers

The 49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers 10-9, in an ugly game highlighted by injuries and poor execution.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers lost a brutal one Sunday afternoon, losing 10-9 to the Carolina Panthers. Everything that could go wrong in this game seemed to go wrong. Vernon Davis and Eric Reid both were taken off the field with concussion symptoms. Colin Kaepernick struggled mightily in the passing game. The offensive line was absolutely brutalized.

The 49ers defense stepped up to contain the Panthers offense, although San Francisco benefited from some serious drops by Carolina. Even with the drops though, the 49ers defense played infinitely better than the offense, but given the low bar set by the 49ers offense, that's not really saying a lot.

The 49ers fall to 6-3, and are now two games back of the Seahawks. The 49ers head to New Orleans next week, and given the sudden rash of injuries, that game is not looking like the best of opportunities. Hopefully the players and coaches take this challenge for what it is. Backs are against the wall, and they've got a lot of work in front of them. The division is still attainable, but at this point, the wild card is the more likely reality. Of course, if the 49ers continue to play like this, that too will require some serious work.

We'll be back with plenty more. You can check out Jim Harbaugh's post-game press conference at