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49ers injury report: Vernon Davis, Eric Reid lead the way heading into Week 11

The San Francisco 49ers suffered several injuries in their Week 10 loss to the Carolina Panthers. We break down the players involved. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a tough loss to the Carolina Panthers, but while the L is bad, the injuries suffered in the defeat added insult to injury (or injury to insult?). Coming off a bye in which they appeared as healthy as they have been all year, the 49ers suffered several injuries in Sunday's loss. We don't have updates yet, but I wanted to get together a rundown of the pertinent players.

Vernon Davis (evaluated for a concussion): The 49ers tight end hit his head on a pass play down near the end zone. He was slow getting up and shortly after was seen walking to the locker room without his helmet in hand. Coach Harbaugh indicated he saw Davis and Reid after the game and they "seemed as good as could be expected." He wouldn't project out returns, so we'll wait and see. Davis last sustained a concussion in Week 16 on the Kam Chancellor hit. He was back playing the next week.

Eric Reid (evaluated for a concussion): The rookie safety took a nasty shot when he was attempting to tackle running back Mike Tolbert. Reid sort of bounced off and went to the ground in a heap. He was motionless for several moments as trainers attended to him. He sat up and eventually walked off the field. Reid suffered a concussion in Week 2 against the Seahawks. He made it through the concussion protocol and was playing the following week. I don't know what rules, if any, apply to multiple concussions in the same season.

Ray McDonald (ankle injury): The 49ers defensive tackle sat out the second half with an ankle injury. He has been dealing with a biceps tear, so this was just adding on to the misery. The 49ers worked in Tony Jerod-Eddie and Demarcus Dobbs quite extensively along the line. Dobbs in particular looked sharp. The 49ers deactivated Quinton Dial and Tank Carradine for the game.

Garrett Celek (hamstring injury): Celek suffered the injury early in the game and was ruled out shortly after. The 49ers lost Vernon Davis a quarter later, leaving the team with Vance McDonald as the only true tight end. Adam Snyder was worked in as the second tight end, and Demarcus Dobbs can potentially fill in, in a pinch.

The loss of Celek and Davis in particular was felt in very real ways. We know that losing Davis would impact the offense. However, removing Celek as well might have cost the team an extra four points. The team had fourth and goal at the Panthers 1-yard line. They attempted to draw Carolina offsides, but instead took a delay of game and kicked the field goal. After the game, Jim Harbaugh said the team was short in the necessary personnel packages to go heavy down there.

Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media at noon PT, and I'm sure he'll get questions on all the injured players. I wouldn't expect too many updates. With Davis and Reid in particular, the concussion protocol requires several days of testing. Even if both end up able to play on Sunday, we wouldn't know until Saturday.