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49ers vs. Saints odds: San Francisco sits as early two point underdog

We break down the opening odds for the 49ers Week 11 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

MGM Grand Sports Book

The San Francisco 49ers have opened as an underdog for the first time since Week 2. The 49ers are approximately a two point underdog as they prepare to face the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. The 49ers opened as a one point underdog at, and that line has climbed up to three points.

The lines will vary from site to site, but I expect this line to climb. I don't know how high exactly, but I think we see a lot of money start to come in for the Saints. I do think the 49ers can win this game, but potentially losing Eric Reid and Vernon Davis makes that a much more difficult test. The Saints are playing some really good football, and getting this game on the Superdome turf only helps.

What will be interesting to track is whether or not the line potentially comes off the board due to some of the injuries. If Reid and Davis do not get positive reports over the next couple days, my guess is we see the line climb up a point or two, if not more. The 49ers can bounce back, but if I was a neutral bettor, I might be inclined to take the Saints as high as -6 1/2.

But I am no neutral bettor. And that might also be why it's been a little while since I last laid money on the 49ers.

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