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Golden Nuggets: Topsy Turvy

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One moment you're running confidently with momentum and the next you're flat on your bum. It only takes one difficult loss to wipe out 5 straight weeks of solid winning and jubilant celebrations. All of a sudden, the 49ers are once again a team plagued with question marks: Has Colin Kaepernick regressed? Can the team bounce back from more injuries to key players? Why can't the 49ers beat strong defensive teams? Why does this team keep losing games it should win, and pain-of-all-pain, the Seahawks keep winning games they should have lost? It's just perplexing. I guess this really is why you play the game, because any team can beat any other team in the NFL on any given Sunday. I mean look at what the Colts suffered against the Rams.

The crux is there are just some teams which the 49ers match up badly against and the ironic part is that those are the teams which are built most like the 49ers (Seattle, Carolina). Which means I am NOT as pessimistic going into the game against New Orleans even if it is in the Superdome. I look at New Orleans as similar to Green Bay or New England, and the 49ers have matched up well against those kinds of teams. We shall see how this team bounces back.

Harbaugh: Less Than Words

Often, interviews and pressers with Jim Harbaugh is like walking through a verbal land mine. It can get frustrating at times, but this is part of what makes him a strong leader. He refuses to throw his players under the bus publicly. You can bet things are being dealt with in private though.

Harbaugh: ‘Our Fate Is in Our Hands' (49ers)

Getting a read on 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh (Kawakami)

Harbaugh refuses to discuss Kaepernick's performance vs. Panthers (Barrows)

I don't normally link to Grant for obvious reasons, but it's possible that he may have actually made an intelligent point this week so it earns him a Golden Nugget. | Why not call more screen passes? Harbaugh: "That's not a bad point. Point well taken." (Cohn)

Hurtin' without Vernon

As Vernon Davis goes, so has the Niners offense this season. There is no question that his early departure in the game seriously derailed the offense's ability to move down the field. Let's all hope he can stay on the field and continue his production.

Without Vernon Davis, 49ers' offense is hurting (Branch)

49ers to Monitor Vernon Davis, Weigh TE Options (49ers)

With Davis, Celek banged up 49ers contemplate roster moves (Maiocco)

The Kap is Tipped

Matt and Mindy talk about the difference between this and last season's Colin Kaepernick. | Kaepernick's sailing not as smooth in first full season (Maiocco)

Before the Panthers game, Colin Kaepernick was already dead last in passing for all starting QB's and it just got worse. | Harbaugh refuses to add to chatter after Kaepernick's struggles (Branch)

I think this week's passing downs deserve a thorough review on All-22 to see why Kaepernick was having trouble finding open receivers. | Colin Kaepernick shouldn't shoulder entire blame for 49ers' stalled offense (Kawakami)

Wouldn't you know it, all the nay-saying moles come out of their holes again to 'motivate' Kap. | Kaepernick resumes post-loss ritual: highlights negative posts about him on Twitter (Inman)

Panthers Game Analysis

What did the Panthers' defense do to frustrate the 49ers offense? (VIDEO) | Engineering a Game Plan: Ron Rivera's defense baffles 49ers (PFT)

After a tough loss, how will the team bounce back against the Saints? | Beat-up 49ers determined to bounce back in a hurry (Yahoo)

Cary Chow and Eric Allen break down the game on VIDEO. | No Faith In The 49ers? (ESPN)

After reading more advanced analysis, there were a few bright spots. | ReFo: Panthers @ 49ers, Week 10 (PFF)

We need to find a way to beat good defenses. | Niners Falling Short Against NFL's Best Teams (NBC)

And Now for the Good News...

The 49ers part in the NFL's continuing initiative to honor American service men and women. | Harbaugh, 49ers Honor Sergeant on Veterans Day (49ers)

Aldon Smith's role should increase more next week and the team desperately will need him to help pressure Drew Brees and slow down that Saints offense. | Aldon Smith's role could increase (ESPN)

New Orleans secondary will be without S Kenny Vacarro when they play the 49ers. | Saints S Vaccaro out vs. 49ers (Yahoo)