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49ers to waive Kyle Williams, per Adam Caplan

The 49ers are reportedly waiving Kyle Williams on Tuesday. We break down the implications.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN contributor Adam Caplan is reporting the San Francisco 49ers are going to waive Kyle Williams later today. Eric Branch confirmed this news through a separate league source. The 49ers are expected to activate Nick Moody this week, and thus need an extra roster spot.

This move would not be a surprise, but it still qualifies as a little bit of a jolt. Williams has stuck around through some significant lows, but the time has come for the team to consider other options. Williams got his opportunity this season with the injuries to Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham, but was unable to take advantage of it. The return of Manningham this past week saw Williams lose snaps on offense.

The 49ers also gave him extensive opportunities in the return game, but he could not take advantage of that. He led the league in fair catches, and was demoted behind LaMichael James and Anthony Dixon on punt and kick returns. James looked solid on punt returns. Dixon made a bad decision in coming out of the end zone on one kick, but even if he doesn't work out, the team has some other kick return options.

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