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Perrish Cox, Kyle Williams waived, Nick Moody added to 53-man roster

The 49ers waived Perrish Cox and Kyle Williams, and activated Nick Moody to the 53-man roster. We break down what it all means.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers continue their run of roster moves. The team confirmed they have released cornerback Perrish Cox and wide receiver Kyle Williams. This is just the latest in the 49ers series of roster moves the last two weeks. Earlier today, we had learned that the 49ers planned on waiving wide receiver Williams, and this confirms that, and adds Cox to the mix.

The decision to waive Perrish Cox is surprising only in that there had not really been any rumblings about it. It is not surprising given the addition of Eric Wright to the 53-man roster. Cox's role of late was dime back and part-time special teams player. Wright can fill that dime back role, and the team is adding a special teams option to the roster in the form of Nick Moody.

Jim Harbaugh mentioned that he expected Moody would be activated this week, so that fills up one spot. The other spot remains available, and given some of the injuries to the team, safety or tight end would seem to be the logical possibilities. Eric Reid suffered his second concussion of the season, and we don't yet know his availability for Sunday.

The 49ers reportedly signed 2013 UDFA defensive back Daxton Swanson (according to Swanson's Twitter account). He can play safety, but you have to wonder if defensive back Michael Thomas gets the call. He is listed as a safety, but played a lot of slot corner in his preseason time with the 49ers.

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