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Golden Nuggets: Perrish Cox, Kyle Williams Cut; Vernon Davis Recovering

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Christian Petersen

It was a pretty eventful day for the team yesterday. Both Kyle Williams and Perrish Cox were released by the team after having subpar years. The return of Mario Manningham and Eric Wright had some influence on this decision, but mostly a lack of results from the two was to blame. Nick Moody was activated off the IR in a move that was largely overshadowed by the other two.

I have to say I was a bit surprised by both releases. Williams has been completely uninspiring and I've been certain that he won't be back next year for quite some time. But with our return game still in flux and in question and little depth at the receiver position, I was convinced he'd see out the season. As for Cox, I thought he was an average 5th cornerback. What he had going in his favor was the lack of certainty at the position in 2014. Cox was one of the few players who could be brought back next season, and at a reasonable cost. Alas, his play was not spectacular and the staff must have seen enough of Cox over the last season and a half to know what they had. Eric Wright will take his place in the rotation.

This edition of the Nuggets is late enough as it is…I'll stop blabbering on...


Roster Cuts

BASG doesn't just tell you that these two were cut, he also explains why. | Why the 49ers cut Kyle Williams and Perrish Cox today (BASG)

It's very true….cutting Williams and Cox shows confidence in Eric Wright and LaMichael James. You have to feel assured that they wouldn't do a worse job. | 49ers demonstrate confidence in James, Wright (Maiocco)

Report: 49ers release Kyle Williams and Perrish Cox (Gin)

49ers release Cox, Williams; activate Moody (Branch)

Stats reveal the importance of Vernon Davis (ESPN)

Injured 49ers

Signs point to a speedy recovery for Vernon Davis from the concussion he suffered last Sunday. If it wasn't painfully obvious that this team has zero passing attack without him in there to open things up, then we must be watching different teams. I hope he is ready to go. | Signs of Davis recovering well from Sunday concussion (Inman)

Just as important as the possible loss of Davis is the potential loss of Eric Reid. He's been spectacular this year and will be sorely needed against the high-flying passing attack of the Saints this coming Sunday. | Davis, Reid feeling fine after Sunday concussion; Celek's hamstring just a strain (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick Struggles

At first it seems like a knock on Colin Kaepernick. Eventually Don Banks goes through the whole range of issues the 49ers offense is facing. No matter how you slice it, we're the worst passing attack in the league, and we're not really close to the next worst team, the Terrelle Pryor-led Raiders. If we had a mid-ranked passing attack, we'd probably be the best team in the league. | Colin Kaepernick struggling to keep pace with adjusting defenses (SI)

Here's the story that nobody wants to read right now. There's really not much difference between the two. | Alex Smith v. Colin Kaepernick: a side-by-side (by side) comparison (Barrows)

Why I Won't Blame Kaepernick (49erswebzone)

Kaepernick different QB in wins and losses (ESPN)

49ers vs Panthers

49ers vs. Panthers Film Review: Pass protection struggled (Gin)

The All-22: Dominant defensive line play is the key to Carolina's resurgence (SI)

Other News

I guess it's a good day to feature Darryl Morris. Perhaps his solid play on special teams and development as a cornerback was the biggest reason Perrish Cox was cut. | Rookie Report: Darryl Morris (

We anticipated this would happen, but Aldon Smith has pleaded not guilty to his weapons charges. | Aldon Smith pleads not guilty to weapons charges (PFT)

Optimist vs. Pessimist: Two views of the 49ers' season so far (49erswebzone)

Dawson Has Solidified 49ers' Kicking Game (NBC)

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RB James, CB Wright excited about their upcoming opportunities (Inman)

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