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Kyle Williams claimed off waivers by Kansas City Chiefs

The 49ers waived wide receiver Kyle Williams on Tuesday, and he was claimed on Wednesday. We take a look at the move. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers announced they had waived wide receiver Kyle Williams and cornerback Perrish Cox. News today indicates the Kansas City Chiefs successfully claimed Williams, and Perrish Cox cleared waivers entirely. Cox is now a free agent.

When players are waived, every NFL team gets the right to place a claim on the player. At this point in the season, waivers are based on reverse order of record. Given the Chiefs undefeated record, they are the final team on the priority list. This means that no other team placed a claim on Williams.

I know plenty of people have moved on from Cox and Williams, but I figured some folks would want to know their final destination. This is particularly true of Williams. While he was only a sixth round pick, he had become a bit of a flash-point for 49ers fans. At this point, he gets a new chance in Kansas City. I don't know how much an impact he can make there, but it's interesting to note the Chiefs released wide receiver Chad Hall to claim Williams (insert Fooch loves Chad Hall jokes).

The folks at Arrowhead Pride have already begun the Kyle Williams discussion. I'd like to thank the Chiefs for adding ex-49ers as it makes life easier to track how former players are doing. It's not high on my priority list, but I still find it interesting to see how ex-49ers are performing.

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