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Kyle Williams' Farewell: A look at it through PFF info

I take a look at Kyle Williams numbers against the Panthers and in general this season.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

By and large, the statistics in this post are coming from Pro Football Focus. They have signature stats that are more conventionally comprehensible (like how many QB hurries a lineman gives up). In addition, though, PFF provides weekly "grades" that are overall numbered scores. You can read about their grading process HERE. Positive numbers are good while negative numbers are bad. Anything above +1 is a really good game; anything below -1 is quite a bad game. The grade is a composite grade of different smaller grades (like "pass blocking"). I will typically highlight the strengths and/or weaknesses of a particular performance by looking at these composite grades.

With Kyle Williams having been released and already picked up by another team, I thought I might use this as an opportunity to combine my weekly advanced statistical review with a season review for Mr. Williams. As such, I will look at Kyle's game against the Carolina Panthers before talking a bit more broadly about his statistical output this season.

Kyle Williams (Against Panthers): -0.4 Overall PFF Grade, 1 Reception, 5 Yards, 2 Total Targets, 50% Catch Rate

Well, Mr. Williams' last game with the 49ers was not a pretty one. On a day when the whole offense (non-Frank Gore division) struggled mightily, this shouldn't be too surprising. His lack of targets isn't surprising, either. For one, Mario Manningham returned and received a good amount of attention from Colin Kaepernick; mainly, though, this was the name of the game for Kyle. In terms of Kyle's -0.4 overall PFF rating, the bulk of it came from a -0.5 pass grade. While he wasn't actively hurting the team (none of his targets turned into interceptions, for example), he wasn't contributing either. He was just sort of there. Which leads me to...

Kyle Williams (Season Stats): -5.5 Overall PFF Grade, -5.4 PFF Passing Grade, -53.5% DVOA, 27 Targets, 12 Receptions, 44.4 % Catch Rate, 113 Yards, 9.4 Yards/Rec.

For a receiver who played in all ten games, starting five of them, these are pretty pedestrian statistics. The fact of the matter is that Kyle Williams was forced into a role he simply could not fill: a number 2-type WR. As a fourth or even third WR, Kyle is serviceable. But, without the deep burst that he showed in the past, Mr. Williams was out of his depth.

Perhaps the most telling stat for me is the 44.4% Catch Rate. According to Pro Football Focus, Williams only dropped one pass all season. One of his best skills is catching the ball, fumbles in the NY Giants game aside. Rather, I think it is pretty clear that Kyle cannot get any separation from defenders, such that when he is targeted, it was never really going to be a catch. The highest catch rate he had all season was 66.7% in week two against the Seattle Seahawks. He had four catches on six receptions.

So, I wish Kyle all the luck. He is going to what looks like a stellar Kansas City Chiefs team, but an offense that could use a little help. Plus, his familiarity with Alex Smith can't hurt (he had much better numbers in 2011, though not by a ton). I think it's best if he goes to an offense where he isn't forced to be the number 2 receiver on the team.

Good luck, Kyle.