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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick Responds to Dilfer, Ray McDonald Iffy, Eric Reid's Recovery & More

Thursday, November 14, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

I love this image cause Ray looks like the Predator, and if you see the whole pic, Tom Brady lies crumpled at his feet.
I love this image cause Ray looks like the Predator, and if you see the whole pic, Tom Brady lies crumpled at his feet.
Jim Rogash

For a midweek day, there sure are a lot of different stories and angles being discussed. We've got some injury updates, Colin Kaepernick responds to Trent Dilfer's criticism, Kyle Williams has been picked up by Kansas City, the place where old Niners go to live out their days, and…Oh, there's only one of the most important games of the year being played this Sunday in New Orleans! Where do we begin?


Injuries, Injuries and More Injuries

Ay Dios Mio. Now it looks like Ray McDonald will likely miss the Saints' game. If we knew what we could expect from Tank Carradine, or if we even knew if he could play a full game, this would almost be an interesting proposition. As it stands, our defensive line takes another hit, just when it's starting to get its full rotation in order. | Injury updates: Ray McDonald has high-ankle sprain, pessimistic about Sunday (Barrows)

Eric Reid, who grew up in Louisiana has always wanted to play an NFL game against the Saints. It looks like he may miss his chance, though I'd bet he'll get more opportunities before his career is over. It looks like Kenny Vaccaro, the only safety taken ahead of him in this year's draft, will also miss the game with his second concussion. | Reid wants to live out dream, return from concussion to play in Superdome vs. Saints (Inman)

Now it appears that Dan Skuta also came out of the Carolina debacle injured. We're assuming that Aldon Smith will be ready to take on a larger role in his second game back from his hiatus, but Skuta has been solid so far this year. Eric Branch discusses all of the 49ers' injuries. | Injury updates: Skuta among 49ers hurt in loss to Panthers (Branch)

Some of you on the site have noted that Reid tends to lead with his head before turning away at the last minute. The tactic seems to avoid potential penalties / fines / suspensions, but also appears to be leaving our young safety vulnerable to the exact type of head trauma the league is seeking to avoid. | After two concussions, Reid focuses on adjusting style (Maiocco)

Vernon Davis, Eric Reid go through limited practice (Barrows)

Eric Reid has reached scary territory (ESPN)

Ray McDonald 'pessimistic' for Sunday; waiting for doctor's reports on Reid (Gin)

Vernon Davis, Eric Reid looking good (ESPN)

49ers vs Saints

A few pieces on the upcoming game, though the serious analysis has yet to begin. How to stop the Saints offense? Frank Gore. Wha? | 49ers' best defense against Drew Brees: Frank Gore? (Branch)

Niner Talk Bonus: Big Game in the ‘Big Easy' (

Must happen/Can't happen in New Orleans (ESPN)

49ers vs Saints in Interview Form

NaVorro Bowman on Defending Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham (

Jonathan Goodwin on Saints 'Exotic' Defense (

Audio - Drew Brees: 'All the Pieces to the Puzzle Are Here' (

Sean Payton: 'A Lot of Film to Watch' on 49ers (

Colin Kaepernick

Oooohh, peppermint schnapps! Colin Kaepernick fires back at Trent Dilfer, the highly-opinionated, ex-49er QB turned analyst. By now you know what Dilfer said, so I won't repeat it (besides, the title of the piece explains it all). The criticism itself has been levied around the site before, so it's not that mind-boggling. Some people are acting like it's completely out of left field. | Kaepernick on Dilfer's critique: ‘You should ask him if he knows what my progression is before he says that' (Inman)

Here's the same story, but with some video embedded of Kap talking about some of the struggles on offense. | Second read: Kaepernick responds to Dilfer's criticism (Maiocco)

And here we get Mike Florio piling on our young QB. | With 16 regular-season starts, Kaepernick isn't where some thought he'd be (PFT)

Three issues with the 49ers' passing game (SF Gate)

Coach Harbaugh

The audio and transcript from Coach's media session. He discusses how difficult the recent cuts were, among other things. | Coach's Notebook: Nov. 13 (

Kyle Williams

I think we all figured that Kyle Williams would get swooped up by the Seahawks. The fact that they didn't bite illustrates just how poorly he performed. They'll take anyone who once donned the red & gold. The Chiefs were the other logical landing spot. | Chiefs claim Kyle Williams (Maiocco)

Funnily enough, the Chiefs cut Chad Hall, a man who played the preseason with us and who many of you wanted to keep around, to make room for Williams. | WR Williams gets picked up by Chiefs, who cast off ex-49ers WR Hall (Inman)

Dad: Kyle Williams did not want fresh start, but a 49ers Super Bowl ring (SF Gate)

Other News

Lost in all the fallout from the defeat to the Panthers was the monster game that Ahmad Brooks turned in. He's having a great year. Here's an interview and an official website fluff piece. And you will all remember that he had the pivotal play against the Saints last season in Kap's second-career start, a sneaky pick-six. | Ahmad Brooks Admires, Backs Aldon Smith (

We know LaMichael James is expected to take over on punt returns, but did you know Eric Wright has experience on returns…sort of. | James takes over on punts, Wright ready if called upon (Maiocco)

Jerod-Eddie a key youngster on 49ers' D (ESPN)

NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Podcast - BASGcast (Episode 67): SF Chronicle 49ers beat writer Eric Branch (BASG)