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NN Podcast: Carolina review, Saints preview PLUS NFL Punter Chris Kluwe

Tre and Jason talk 49ers/Panthers, the upcoming Saints game, and speak with NFL Punter Chris Kluwe, who gives unique perspective on the Niners and life in the NFL.

We're back again talking 49ers football on the Niners Nation Podcast.

This week we are joined by a very special guest: NFL Punter Chris Kluwe. Chris gives us an inside look at life in the NFL, including his take on what things could be like within the 49ers right now, what he sees from the struggling offense, as well as how he compares himself to The Death Star (Andy Lee).

Then we cover last week's loss to the Carolina Panthers, including the offense's woes, the defense playing lights-out, and injuries that resulted.

We'll also talk about the transactions in Niner-land this week as players were activated, waived, returned to practice from injuries, etc.

Then we preview the upcoming match-up with the New Orleans Saints and all the challenges they present the 49ers in a game that has many fans more than just a little nervous.