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Anthony Dixon isn't pleased with his touches

49ers running back Anthony Dixon voiced some frustration following the 49ers loss to the Saints. We take a look at his tweets.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know where to begin with this. Anthony Dixon sent out this string of tweets last night after the 49ers 23-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints.


Initially there was some thought that he was complaining about the offensive performance in general. It became a little more about him when he mentioned that he knows he's a threat.

At this point, I'm not overly concerned about Boobie getting pissy about not getting touches. The 49ers have a lot of issues to figure out on the offensive side of the ball. Hearing players get riled up doesn't really help matters, but I look at it as just letting off steam. We've heard plenty of rabble-rousing when LaMichael James says something on Twitter, and really when anybody says something a little salty on Twitter.

We don't want to see the team develop any sort of dysfunction, but I also view Twitter as a chance to blow off steam. That being said, there are certainly some question marks to be raised about how the run game is being used in a broader sense. I don't know that Anthony Dixon is the answer to what ails this offense, but the lack of a cohesive rushing attack on Sunday didn't help matters.

I'm going to take a look back at it later today, and see what exactly the 49ers were doing on Sunday as they tried to figure out whatever it was they were trying to figure out. I'm less concerned about Dixon's complaints and more concerned about the rushing attack we saw on Sunday.