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Monday Night Football open thread: Patriots vs. Panthers

We take a look at Week 12 Monday Night Football, and open a thread for discussion.

Streeter Lecka

The NFL wraps up Week 11 with a very solid matchup, as the Carolina Panthers host the New England Patriots. This is a big game for the 49ers, as the Panthers are currently a half game ahead of them in the wildcard race. Even if the Panthers lose tonight, they maintain the tiebreaker edge over the 49ers, but it's tight enough that every win and every loss is a big deal.

The Panthers have won five straight, and are as hot as just about any team in the NFL. They are coming off a 10-9 win over the 49ers that helped to further justify their streak in the eyes of many. They face a Patriots team that has won two straight, but has been a bit wobbly at times. The Panthers are slim favorites right now, but who knows what to expect out of this one. Are the Patriots going to impose their will, or will the Panthers build on their win streak?