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Quinton Patton offers injury update

49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton addressed his foot status in a radio interview. We take a look at what it means.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

The San Francisco 49ers have dealt with numerous injuries, and one such injury is Quinton Patton's broken foot. Patton suffered the injury in the team's Week 4 win over the St. Louis Rams, and has been sidelined ever since. The general belief at the time was that Patton was looking at a six to eight week recover time.

It has been five weeks since the injury occurred, and Patton had a chance to provide a brief update during a radio interview Friday afternoon. Patton was promoting an autograph session he is doing today with Eric Reid, Tank Carradine and Donte Whitner. During the radio interview, Patton said that he is currently only working on his upper body, while continuing to get treatment on his foot. He did not specify what "treatment" meant, but he said he was not running or doing much of any work on it at this point.

The radio hosts asked Patton if they could expect to see him again this season, and it should surprise nobody that Patton referred them to Coach Harbaugh and the trainers. I don't believe Harbaugh has been asked about Patton's status, not that he would provide much of an answer.

The 49ers have to make several roster moves over the next few days as they return several injured players to the roster. Quinton Patton has remained on the 53-man roster while rehabbing his foot, which means the team could still place him on injured reserve. Nick Moody took up the one short term IR spot, so the only injury option for Patton would be the full season IR.

My guess is they will keep him on the roster the next few weeks, and re-assess his status when Michael Crabtree is ready to be activated. They will likely need to remove a wide receiver from the 53-man roster, and Patton could end up being that guy. We'll likely have to wait a few weeks to see how this plays out.

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