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More on the high tech nature of the 49ers new stadium

The 49ers continue construction on their new stadium, and with the opening now less than nine months away, promotion for the new facility continues. Two of arguably the most notable aspects of the stadium are the "green" nature of it, and the high tech set-up that will be in place.

The stadium is "green" in the sense that it will be energy neutral on game day, and the first NFL stadium to be LEED-certified. LEED certification requires the project meet certain specific requirements as to energy efficiency and conservation friendly.

The stadium's high tech set-up has been discussed frequently. The latest is the video up above from Bloomberg. Bloomberg West's Emily Chang spoke with 49ers president Gideon Yu to discuss some of the many technological aspects of the new stadium. We don't get a ton of detail on how it's all happening, but Yu provides a few more details about what the stadium's technological capacity will include.

The 49ers are a very technology friendly franchise, and this goes beyond just the stadium. The team is taking advantage of numerous opportunities that can help them improve the quality of the product on the field, and the way the organization works as a whole. I recommend checking out this video from over the summer.