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Golden Nuggets: Ahmad Brooks Fined; 49ers Prepare for Washington

Thursday, November 21, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Who else is outraged that Ahmad Brooks was fined? I caught the news today while perusing through my phone on break at work. I was shocked. I still don't get how you look at the play in hindsight and give a fine, let alone a big one. It actually makes me think the league is making an example of him by taking a borderline penalty and giving it a massive fine. With the whole football world, every ex-defensive player currently in the media, up in arms about it and saying the league is getting ridiculous, the league can now say, "no, look…Merton Hanks fined him so it was clearly a good call." How much does one get fined for spearing someone helmet to helmet?

In other news, I'm glad we're going up against a horrible defense in Washington. We need to get a bit of momentum going before we finish the season and games like this are just the key.


Still More Brooks

BASG looks at some of the hypocrisy in the NFL surrounding player safety and also takes a look at a certain meme you may have seen flying around the internet. | Ahmad Brooks and the NFL's hypocrisy (BASG)

And it came out during the day that Brooks would be fined for his hit. I can understand how a referee misses the call in the heat of the moment, but to then go back and look at it, and decide to fine him…I shake my head at you Merton Hanks. | Brooks fined $15,750 for controversial hit on Brees (fine schedule attached) (Inman)

Report: Ahmad Brooks fined $15,750 for hit on Drew Brees (Gin)

Ahmad Brooks' fine is excessive (ESPN)

49ers vs Washington

At least Washington is in greater turmoil than we are. Robert Griffin III's comments following last week's loss sort of threw the coaching staff under the bus. There was a good article about Griffin's regression this year. I can't remember who wrote it, but it wasn't about his play, it was about his leadership. | Robert Griffin III Under Fire Before MNF Matchup (

At least Mike Shanahan likes what he sees in Colin Kaepernick. I don't like what I've seen the past two weeks. | Shanahan likes what he sees in Kaepernick (Inman)

Do you remember when it felt like a loss to see Josh Morgan go and join Washington? Then everything went really well for us and I was like…I barely remember him. Now I wish he was a 49er. | Hello again: 49ers likely to see a lot of ex-teammate Josh Morgan (Barrows)

It is true that neither Kaepernick nor Griffin has played particularly well this year. At least our young QB has a chance to make amends for it by going to the playoffs. Griffin has to stew in second-guessing and fans hating on him all offseason. | Shanahan: Griffin, Kaepernick Have Growing Pains (

Griffin believes winning cures everything for Redskins (Gin)

Must happen/Can't happen in Washington (ESPN)

Harbaugh wanted Luck-Griffin combo at Stanford (Maiocco)


Some audio from the interviews given today. There's one for Eric Wright that I can't access right now, but it should be up on He discusses the big opportunity he'll have with Tarell Brown going down for some games.

Frank Gore: 'Monday Night Should Be a Great Game' (

Niner Talk Bonus: Primetime Challenge vs. RGIII (

Shanahan: 'One of the best defenses in the NFL' (

Robert Griffin III Downplays Postgame Comments (

Corners and Other Injuries

I asked yesterday if people had faith in our cornerback depth. Do we? Can Tramaine Brock step up as the No. 2 and can Eric Wright take on a bigger role? | Tramaine Brock likely to start (ESPN)

Tarell Brown's Injury Puts 49ers CB Depth to Use (

Frank Gore Confident if Snyder Replaces Iupati (

Hall of Fame Niners

The 49ers have some of their luminaries up for the Hall of Fame. Eddie D, Roger Craig and Charles Haley need your votes….oh wait, that's how the Pro Bowl works. | Eddie, Roger, Charles, Kevin semifinalists for Hall of Fame (where you should be on first-name basis) (Inman)

DeBartolo and Craig named semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame (Gin)

49ers Struggles

Matt Maiocco takes a pretty good look at why the 49ers offense is struggling. There are plenty of reasons, some simple, some complex. He says there's no easy fix. Michael Crabtree? | Widespread reasons for 49ers' offensive woes (Maiocco)

Yes, it is fairly safe to say that had Frank Gore caught that wheel route, or whatever it was, he would have possibly, or probably, scored. Yes, whether he scored on the play or not, it probably would have won us the game. But there were so many other things we did wrong that he can't take the blame for that loss. Part, sure…all, no way. | Gore won't let it drop: RB keeps taking blame for loss to Saints (Branch)

It's been good to see Carlos Rogers play better than he did last season. It's also good to see he and Donte Whitner be such strong leaders. | Rogers: 49ers will not resort to finger-pointing (Maiocco)

Who's To Blame For The 49ers Passing Failures? (49erswebzone)

49ers' pass defense sags on third down (ESPN)

Other Stuff

NBC Bay Area always has the most random 49ers articles. On days when the entire world is talking about a certain topic or a 49er going out for the season with an injury, they'll come out with "Colt McCoy working on relaying audibles" or "Bruce Miller's conversion to fullback complete" or… | Niners' Justin Smith Still a Force on Defensive Line (NBC)

Has Eric Reid played that well or have 49ers fans voted that much? | Eric Reid No. 2 in Free Safety Pro Bowl Votes (

Cam Inman has a general state of the team piece, with quotes, and non-quotes from different players. | Gore surprised at close losses; Rogers balances frustration; Brooks doesn't comment (Inman)

49ers Deliver Meals on Wheels (

Podcast - Blame Kap. Blame Harbaugh. But Don't Blame the Refs. (49erswebzone)

SI Now: How will this season's performance impact Kaepernick's next contract? (SI)