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49ers will not play at home on Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football in 2014, per Mike Rosenberg

The San Francisco 49ers will move into their new stadium in 2014, but will likely have to wait until 2015 to show off the stadium in a week-day prime time game.

The 2014 NFL schedule will not be released until next spring, but for now, it appears we know that the San Francisco 49ers will not have a home Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football game next season. Mike Rosenberg is reporting Santa Clara officials want to wait a year before attempting to get week day primetime home games.

TNF kicks off around 5:30 p.m. PT, while MNF kicks off around 5:40 p.m. PT. This places it right in the middle of rush hour, and with 70,000 people coming to town for these games, it could create a traffic nightmare without proper planning:

Once local officials have a season to work out the kinks of the traffic, parking and public safety plans at the new stadium, the 49ers are expected to ask for Monday Night Football games in 2015 and beyond.

My initial thought was the team has a year to sort through the kinks, but hypothetical game-day traffic information is a lot different from actual game-day traffic information. With eight regular season games to work from, the team can figure out what works best for getting game day traffic down from San Francisco, the East Bay and the North Bay.

As the article points out, the NFL showcases all 32 teams on Thursday Night Football. That means the 49ers are going to have to travel on a short week at least once. Ideally it would come after a bye week, but I'm not holding my breath for that kind of accommodation from the league. Although, there is one other TNF option. The 49ers can just win the Super Bowl and open the season on the road with the Thursday Night Football kickoff game!

Fooch's Update: Mike tweeted this out after the article: