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Alex Boone fine rescinded from 49ers-Cardinals game

49ers guard Alex Boone has reportedly had a fine rescinded from his involvement in a skirmish with Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Alameda Ta'amu. We break down the implications.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, Alex Boone was fined $7,875 for a personal foul he committed against Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Alameda Ta'amu. Boone popped Ta'amu in the helmet after Ta'amu had a hand on him while he was on the ground. It was an odd sequence, and both players were fined for it.

ESPN's Bill Williamson is now reporting that a source indicated Boone's fine has been rescinded after his appeal. Given that the league saw video of the play when they imposed the fine, I'm not sure what exactly caused them to rescind it. I'd be curious to know what Boone said in his appeal.

This all comes the same day that Clay Matthews told the media his fine for hitting Colin Kaepernick in Week 1 was reduced on appeal. Matthews was fined $15,000 for this late hit on Kap. The fine was reduced to $7,500. Considering there had been tough talk from Matthews and others in the week leading up to the game, I'm a little surprised the fine was reduced.

More importantly, I don't see how Ahmad Brooks's fine can't be reduced for his personal foul on Drew Brees. Given the angle Brooks came in on the hit, I don't see how there can be an issue of intent. And in light of Akiem Hicks's sack of Matt Ryan last night, it will be interesting to see how the Brooks appeal plays out.

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