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Tramaine Brock contract: Breaking down the details of the latest extension

We've got details on Tramaine Brock's new contract.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed cornerback Tramaine Brock to a four-year contract extension on Friday. Initial reports indicated the deal was worth $16 million and included a $4 million signing bonus. Thanks to a source with knowledge of the contract, we have a better breakdown of the deal.

According to the source, the four-year contract breaks down as follows:

Signing Bonus: $3,750,000

Base Salaries
2014: $800,000
2015: $1,850,000
2016: $2,700,000
2017: $3,100,000

Roster Bonuses: $320,000 per season (tied to 46-man active game day roster)
Workout Bonuses: $130,000 per season

Incentives (per year)
60% playing time total
: $250,000
80% playing time or 6 interceptions: $500,000

Just to clarify, if Brock plays 60 percent of defensive snaps in a season, he gets the $250,000 bonus. If he reaches 80 percent of defensive snaps OR intercepts six passes, he gets the $500,000 bonus. This applies to each of the four years of the contract.

Looking at these numbers, the 60 percent playing time would probably be a likely to be earned incentive. The 80 percent is doable, but is probably considered unlikely to be earned. With that in mind, the cap figures would look like this:

2014: $2.25 million
2015: $3.3 million
2016: $4.15 million
2017: $4.55 million

It is also worth noting that Brock's 2015 salary will become guaranteed if he is on the team's roster April 1, 2015.