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The quickest Jim Harbaugh press conference of the year

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Saturday before the team left for Washington, D.C. It was his quickest press conference of the year.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Can you talk about the decision to extend CB Tramaine Brock and what he's meant to you guys this season with the number of injuries to corners and stuff like that?

"Very happy for Tramaine. He's done an excellent job. He's very much a success story, NFL success story. A small college guy that just works, works and works and works. And it pays off for him. He's been that way in the offseason. He's been that way during the season. He's very productive in games. Just happy for him."

What's it say about a guy who had a job, lost it to injury, and was still able to take advantage of his opportunities this year? Undrafted like you said, working hard.

"Yeah. All of those things. Just a success story and you're happy for him. I think everybody in the organization is."

The two straight losses against playoff contending teams after such a strong first half by you, does that kind of ratchet-up the sense of urgency level as you head into the stretch run here?

"Yes. I mean, the sense of urgency is high every week. Each game is the most important game. The next game is the most important game on the schedule. And, that's certainly the case every week and the case this week."

Do you look at the big picture every week? You talk a lot about focusing on week-by-week. Do you look at the big picture right now as you guys get close to December?

"I think the thing you look at is, the season doesn't always play out the same every year. In fact, it usually doesn't. It plays out differently each year. And, plenty opportunity ahead of us and the opportunity that's staring us right here in the face is a very good one and that's what we focus on."

How has this week of practice been for WR Michael Crabtree?

"It's been good. Did some good things."

Do you expect him to be added before Monday's game or is that still TBD?

"I would look at that as a decision over the next 48 hours."

Is this the very situation why you brought G Adam Snyder back to the team? To be able to plug him in at any position, when one of your, you've had that stable line that you've had so long, those guys have been playing together where Adam can step right in?

"Yes, he's somebody that we know, we trust, and he's been that player for us this year and everybody feels good about him in this ballgame and he's excited for the opportunity. I have complete trust and confidence in him."