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49ers MNF weather report: Are you ready for some cold football?

The 49ers prepare for some seriously cold weather. This could very well mark Eric Reid's first truly cold weather game. How will that play out?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers face Washington on tonight on Monday Night Football, and it's gonna be a cold one. The weather is expected to be right around freezing at 32 degrees. I'm going to be in attendance at the game, layered up like nobody's business. I'll actually be up in the press box, so I'm hoping it is relatively warm in there. I've got some finger-less mittens just in case.

This will be the 49ers first truly cold-weather game since their last two road games of 2012 at New England and Seattle. I was at the New England game and got to sit in rain gear amidst just above freezing rain. That was a good time!

This game would actually seem to mark the first ever truly cold weather game for rookie free safety Eric Reid. He spent three seasons at LSU, and went to high school in Louisiana. It can get chilly there, but nothing like the cold weather of the mid-Atlantic region and north.

Reid sent out this tweet Sunday morning:

Yes, Eric, it is oh so cold. I was outside Sunday and it was getting into the high 20s. It is a little bit warmer today, although I suppose it might be more accurate to say "less cold" than "warmer" at this point. I don't expect it to be a problem for a guy like Reid, but the weather issue does fascinate me for a guy who has played in nothing all that worse than chilly (or rainy) conditions in his career.

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