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Alfred Morris says 49ers defense 'didn't do anything special' against Washington

Washington running back Alfred Morris says the San Francisco 49ers defense "didn't do anything special" on Monday.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington running back Alfred Morris was not impressed with what the San Francisco 49ers defense brought to the table on Monday Night Football. Morris was of the opinion that the Washington offense was "unable to execute," and that the team's shortcomings on that side of the ball were their own, and not a product of an elite defensive performance by the 49ers, as noted by Mark Maske of The Washington Post.

"I mean, they've got a good defense," Morris said, "But they didn't do anything special. They came out with basic stuff and we jut didn't get it done."

To his credit, Morris did say that it felt like the 49ers' defense "wanted it more than we did," so at least he's noting that they weren't just a couple of cardboard cutouts watching Washington players fail to catch passes from a mobile jugs machine set to overthrow.

Most were of the immediate opinion that the 49ers defense came up big. The secondary played soft here and there, allowing plenty of catches, but they kept plays in front of them and surrendered no receptions over 18 yards. The running game was stopped effectively and most of all, the 49ers were able to generate a whole lot of pressure.

Robert Griffin III is a mobile quarterback to be sure, but the 49ers absolutely forced him outside more often than naught, and made him pay for every forward step he took. Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith and Tony Jerod-Eddie all had big games on Monday.

But that didn't stop Morris from suggesting the complete opposite. "They weren't pressuring us at all," Morris said "All they was doing -- the [linebackers] were playing back. The [defensive] linemen were holding their gaps."

Certainly, Washington failed to win their battles in the trenches, but to suggest that led to anything other than consistent pressure and multiple sacks is folly.