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Jim Tomsula through his daughter's eyes. Part 1: My dad and Justin Smith

Jim Tomsula's daughter, Britney, tells us some incredibly funny stories about her Dad.

Jeff Gross

In this multi-part series, we get a glimpse into Jim Tomsula's life as one of the best position coaches in the NFL, via his daughter, Britney. She spoke with our Tre9er on a special episode of the Niners Nation Podcast and gave us a look into her Dad's life.

It's not hard to imagine Jim Tomsula being a funny guy. Hell, it's funny just to watch him energetically pace the sidelines and coach his players, at times. But here are some stories about him that you've probably never heard, and they're downright hilarious.

Unsurprisingly, Tomsula spends many long nights at 49ers headquarters studying film, often times those nights run into the next morning. So how does he keep his energy up when most people would crash and burn before the midnight oil had even been lit?

The answer evokes some great pictures in my imagination. I think we need Photoshop. Sadly I'm no help there. On to the story:

My dad can't sleep until tasks are done. When he sleeps at the office he'll do this thing where he'll put a dip in, get on the elliptical for a half hour, chug a Diet Coke, and then go back to film. And he'll do that every couple of hours.

He's considered to be one of the best players at his position. Is it just keeping him motivated, or just let him go out and be the beast that he is?

I think you said it perfectly with "let him be the beast that he is". Sometimes they just get to the point that they know what to do. The trust that my dad has with his players is very important to him. They're on the same page. He trusts Justin out on the field. He knows that Justin will know what to do when the time comes.

On Smith's injury in 2012, which held him out of a few games:

My Dad tries to pay special attention to that kind of stuff. When he was kept out for a couple of games because his elbow was tweaked out (triceps), there was a whole strategic plan for that, giving him enough time but not keeping him out for too much time.

The picture Britney paints of her dad is remarkable. He's a man who genuinely cares about his players as men, inside and outside the confines of the football world. We'll have more on that in upcoming parts of this series.

You can listen to the whole interview with Britney Tomsula below: