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49ers activate Michael Crabtree off PUP list

The 49ers have officially activated Michael Crabtree. It's on....

Ronald Martinez

The day we've been waiting for is here. Well, the first of a couple big days. The 49ers have activated Michael Crabtree off the PUP list, just over six months after he tore his Achilles tendon in the offseason workout program. The 49ers made room for Crabtree by waiving quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson. McBLT is eligible for the practice squad.

The next big day is this Sunday, about 90 minutes before the 49ers kick off against the St. Louis Rams. The 49ers will release their Week 13 inactives at that point and we'll find out if Crabtree will make his 2013 debut. There's been all sorts of speculation about whether he will play on Sunday or not. I'm sure the 49ers will keep it close to the vest through the week. The team has three practice participation reports to release this week, so we'll see if the team has him on there. He could still be a healthy scratch, but we'll wait and see.

The return of Crabtree adds to an already improving wide receiver corps. We saw the improvement on Monday as Mario Manningham gave them a legitimate third option to Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. Manningham is slowly getting his feet back under him. Adding Crabtree to the mix only adds to that. The 49ers do not need 2012 Crabtree right off the bat. I know they would not turn away 2012 Crabtree, but they are at a point where they can slowly work him back in.

The goal is to be peaking in January. Of course, the team has to actually get to January for that to matter. The team is already improving, and Crabtree's return should only boost that. Hopefully we're looking at a fun winter as the 49ers look to get completely back on track for a deep playoff run.

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