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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Activate Michael Crabtree; Enjoying A Well-Played Game

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Ezra Shaw

After a two-game losing streak, it was good to see the 49ers get a win on the board. And it was good to see us dominate an overmatched team. It was good to see Colin Kaepernick put in a very efficient effort, one of his better games of the season. It was great to see Aldon Smith come back and terrorize an opposing quarterback like we haven't seen since he left the team to go to rehab. Everything went as planned, for once.

Now for some pessimism. While our offense did look great, it was against one of the worst teams in the league. It was a great performance for Kap and the fellas, but it was also one of Washington's better performances on D. Of their 11 games, that was their 4th best performance in points allowed, their 3rd best in yards allowed and best in first downs allowed. They had one of their most effective performances on D, and yet it ranks as one of our best on offense.

What I'm trying to say is that we've got to do this against good teams. Arizona is the only team we've beat with a winning record and aside from Green Bay, the rest of our wins have been against the dregs of the league. Our schedule isn't particularly difficult from here on out. We need to win our two remaining tough games, home against Seattle and at Arizona…then I'll believe we're on the right track.


Crabtree Returns!

While I gave my thought on the Washington game in the intro, the big news of the day was the activation of Michael Crabtree. We've been looking toward this day since he ruptured his achilles during the offseason. It's finally upon us and I'm pretty pumped. It did spell the release of McLeod Bethel-Thompson, aka McBLT. He is practice squad eligible and we'll see if the team tries to get him there for future development. What are you're thoughts on Crabs' impact going forward? The fact that the defense will have to pay attention to yet another target in the passing game will only make everyone else that much more dangerous. Yeah! | He's back: Michael Crabtree added to 53-man roster; QB Bethel-Thompson waived (Barrows)

Report: 49ers activate Michael Crabtree to 53-man roster (Gin)

Michael Crabtree is officially back (plus GIFs of the TDs)

Fallout from the Washington Game

Colin Kaepernick should be heaped with praise. I've been saying for quite some time that we don't need him to be a top-5 QB, but we simply need him to be in the top 15 or so. He played like it against Washington. | Kaepernick helps 49ers offense take 'step in right direction' (Maiocco)

Another plus coming out of the Washington game was LaMichael James looking explosive handling the return duties. He's already almost doubled Kyle Williams' punt return yards in only three games. It seems like a typo…. | LaMichael James Gives 49ers Spark as Return Man (NBC)

Hey, did you know that… | Colin Kaepernick Posts Career High QB Rating (

Yeah, we know Mike, we all watched the game. | Shanahan: We haven't been dominated like that since I've been here (PFT)

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Defense Stories

While I wrote some pessimistic words in regards to our offense above, what can you say about that defense of ours?They played great. They've played great all year. With Aldon back and performing, I reckon our D will keep us in any game from now until the end of our playoff run. | 49ers defense peaking at just the right time (BASG)

GIFs of Aldon Smith punishing Robert Griffin III (BASG)

Other News

It seems like a broken record, but a Seattle player has been suspended under the league's drug policy for the second time in about a week. They've lost Brandon Browner for a year due to a drug-related suspension, shortly after losing Walter Thurmond for four games….all for Adderall, I'm sure (scoff, scoff). How would Seattle remedy that…by signing Perrish Cox of course! | Seahawks sign Perrish Cox (ESPN)

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