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Thanksgiving game thread III: Steelers-Ravens wraps up Turkey day

We take a look at the final Thanksgiving game, and open a thread for discussion.

Rob Carr

Thanksgiving football comes to a close with an AFC North matchup as the Baltimore Ravens host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are two games back of the Cincinnati Bengals, but they remain right in the thick of the wildcard race. They are both 5-6, and tied with the Tennessee Titans, who hold the tiebreaker edge.

The game itself has no bearing on the 49ers, although, much like Cowboys-Raiders earlier today, this provides two other teams the 49ers might not like. The Steelers hold the edge in Lombardi Trophies, and I know plenty of people are not fans of Ben Roethlisberger. And of course, we know why we don't like the Ravens.

All that being said, I'd have to root for the Ravens in this one. I suppose I could root for a tie, but the Ravens have a Harbaugh coaching them, so that's a plus. And then there's this tweet from yesterday:

Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers are complaining about a two-game road trip that involved traveling from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, back to Pittsburgh and then to Baltimore. For those wondering, that's about 750 total miles of travel to and from Cleveland, and to from Baltimore.

Seriously, Pittsburgh? I'm not saying road trips aren't a pain, but that combined road trip is shorter than the 49ers shortest road trip up north Seattle. And that's just one-way on that one!