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Vic Fangio talks Tramaine Brock, Eric Wright

49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio met with the media and discussed the work of Tramaine Brock and Eric Wright. We've got a transcript for you.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

How did CB Tramaine Brock do in his first real start?

"He did well. Made some really good plays for us. Made a very critical tackle at the end of the first half there that held them from getting a first down and made them rush the field and kick the field goal. If that player had gotten another few inches it would have been a first down, they would have clocked it and we would have had to defend another play or two. So, that was a big play. And he made other good tackles in the game. I was pleased with his play."

What kind of growth have you seen from him in your time here, since you first got here?

"He's always been a good athlete, good cover ability. Again, if you guys remember, in 2011, he started in 2011. He started the season as our nickel corner and then got injured in game three or four or whatever it was, and then [CB Chris] Culliver replaced him and basically kept the job. So, we saw talent enough that he was a starter in our nickel in 2011. And then Culliver and [CB Tarell] Brown just stayed in there. And then his opportunity didn't come again until this season and he's taken advantage of it. But, we've always liked him."

How did CB Eric Wright do?

"He did better than he did the week before. But, I still think his best football is ahead of him for us. The guy hasn't practiced a whole lot and just getting into it now. Like I said a few weeks ago, all these guys that didn't have training camp and haven't been practicing, they're poster children for the importance of training camp and practicing, all of them."

Brock seems to be a strong, aggressive type of guy. Are you able to do more press coverage with him perhaps than with Tarell Brown?

"I wouldn't necessarily say that. They mix it up based upon the call, based on the situation, based on the opponent. But, he's comfortable getting up there."

The Rams only ran for 18 yards against you guys last time. How have they improved so much in these last few weeks?

"Well, they've run the ball very well since we last saw them. They're doing a great job blocking up front. They're doing a great job scheming. They're running backs are really hitting it. They've found their two backs now that they're comfortable with. And they're just blocking and running very good right now."

Have they changed how they use WR Tavon Austin since the last time you faced them?

"I don't think they changed the way they view him. It's just that he's gotten better and better as the season has gone on, as most rookies do. And they're using him more and they have him in some specified roles, and he's made a bunch of big plays for them. He's a real threat."

Today being Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

"Well, I'm thankful for my two kids, I got to see them last week in Washington. I'm thankful for this job I have and thankful for this great weather we have in Califo