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How do we reconcile conflicting reports about Tarell Brown contract negotiations?

We have conflicting reports about the status of contract negotiations between Tarell Brown and the San Francisco 49ers. How do we reconcile this information? New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning, CBS Sports Jason LaCanfora reported that a league source told him the 49ers and Tarell Brown were closing in on a contract extension. Shortly after this report, Matt Maiocco reported that two sources had informed him there had been no recent negotiations toward a new contract.

So, what gives? How exactly are we supposed to reconcile what appear to be two contradictory reports?

I shot LaCanfora a quick tweet, but didn't hear back from him. This isn't like two sources offering up conflicting dollar amounts. That could be team and player sources trying to do some negotiating through the press.

In this case, we have one source telling Jason LaCanfora a deal is close, and could be done within a month. We have two other sources telling Matt Maiocco there have been no recent negotiations. LaCanfora's report would seem to be contingent on there actually having been some kind of negotiations. I suppose they could have happened a while back, but would the two sides suddenly be closing in on a deal if there hadn't been recent negotiations?

I'm opening this up for further discussion because I can't really figure out what's going on. What benefit is there for LaCanfora to just make this up? I am more inclined to trust 49ers news coming from Maiocco rather than a national source, but that doesn't mean there isn't something to LaCanfora's report.

Any thoughts as to what exactly is going on?

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