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49ers vs. Panthers odds: Fan parlays SF-CAR with CIN-BAL in ballsy/dumb wager

This is either incredibly ballsy or incredibly stupid. Nah, it's a little bit of both.

MGM Grand Sports Book

And I thought putting together a bet that would require me to wear another team's jersey was a bad idea. Thanks to our friends at the 49ers sub-reddit over at, we have a look at an even worse idea. A user over there named YouveJustBeenTanked has wagered $65,430 on a two-team parlay featuring the San Francisco 49ers covering at -6 against the Carolina Panthers, and the Cincinnati Bengals covering at -1 against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore.

I actually don't think it's stupid to bet on the 49ers and Bengals covering. However, I do think it's stupid to bet your life savings on this. According to the user, "it's just about everything I have." He also said, if he wins, he's moving to the Bay Area and getting an SBL at the 49ers new stadium. Priorities people!

The highlight of the thread of comments has to be this one:


Ain't that the truth!

Here is the embedded picture of this guy's wager on the game. I do think he can win this bet, but it is going to be a very uncomfortable day of football for him.

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