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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith to play, LaMichael James in on punts?

Friday, November 8th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Ezra Shaw

Good morning ladies and gents. Hopefully, the next time I'll be coming at you with Golden Nuggets, it'll be via video, as I'm going to be trying something new relatively soon (once my new webcam arrives!) that will hopefully be pretty awesome. For now, we've got your boring ol' text links and all that normal jazz.

The San Francisco 49ers face the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and while I think Carolina has an excellent front seven, I don't find their offense to be of particular concern in any way. Of course, the 49ers may have their own offensive woes this week, when they meet one of the tougher rushing defenses in the league, but I have faith in Frank Gore. He's defied the odds one too many times to be denied of that.

Anyway, onto the links for the day.

Returner controversy? Duties appear up in the air before date with Carolina (Branch)

49ers Notes: Fangio says Aldon Smith will pay "some" on Sunday (Barrows)

LaMichael James on returning punts/kicks: "I feel like it's my job to be had." (BA Sports Guy)

Williams' role unsettled as second half begins (Maiocco)

49ers fullback Bruce Miller takes over as Frank Gore's leading man (Inman)

Aldon Smith is active, so he should play (ESPN)

Fangio thinks Aldon Smith will play Sunday. What about Carradine, Wright? (Barrows)

In Cam Newton, 49ers face challenge (Branch)

Harbaugh, Panthers' Smith once had deep connection (Branch)

Kuechly is a sad reminder for Harbaugh (ESPN)

49ers are clear on hazing -- it isn't part of the program (Barrows)

Tank Carradine debut likely to wait (ESPN)

Who is worthy of an NFL draft trade-up? (ESPN)

Cam Newton Presents Unique Challenge to 49ers (49ers)

49ers No. 1 Rush Attack Faces No. 2 Rush 'D' (49ers)

Cam or Kap? Still a tough call (Cohn)