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Golden Nuggets: Happy Returns

Saturday, November 9, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Terrell Owens comes back to Candlestick as an honorary captain.
Terrell Owens comes back to Candlestick as an honorary captain.
AP/Julie Jacobson

Look at what's returning to the field tomorrow for your San Francisco 49ers:

  • The entire 49ers team after finishing their bye week
  • Mario Manningham who hasn't played since December of 2012 when he tore ligaments in his knee
  • Aldon Smith who missed 5 games while checked into a rehabilitation center to work out his personal issues, and of course
  • The always interesting Terrell Owens who will be part of Candlestick Park's farewell celebration

Of course this also brings up some questions that should be answered in tomorrow's game:

  • Can the 49ers continue their solid run against a team with a winning record that is also on a hot run?
  • Can Manningham provide enough of a boost for the NFL's last ranked passing offense?
  • Will Aldon Smith's athleticism allow him to overcome his rustiness and pressure the QB effectively?
  • Will T.O. be able to convince Baalke to sign him for one day so he can retire a 49er?
  • Will there be an end to these bullet points so we can get to the actual links?

49ers vs. Panthers Previews

ESPN team bloggers do the comparison on two comparable teams: Power running, athletic QB, stout defense. | Double Coverage: Panthers at 49ers (ESPN)

Some key points to take note of for the Carolina game including who will be returning kicks, I'm hoping to see LaMichael James shine in that role. | Top 10 Spotlight: 49ers vs. Panthers (49ers)

How much will Carolina stack the box against the 49ers league leading rushing offense? | Carolina's second-ranked run defense could be first to rely on just 7 (Branch)

Number 1 ground game + Number 32 passing game = Number 16 overall in offense. | 49ers With No. 1 Ground Game After Struggles (Scout)

This week's Infographic details just how similar these two teams are. | Infographic: 49ers vs. Panthers Preview (49ers)

It's no surprise that the Niners are favored at home, but we all know it's not going to be an easy game. | 49ers favored despite Panthers' winning streak (CSN Bay Area)

The whole unstoppable force vs. immovable object bit. | Collision course: 49ers top-ranked running game vs. Carolina's No. 2 run defense (Barrows)

The yardstick in Candlestick. | Panthers deem 49ers a great measuring stick (CSN Bay Area)

Colin Kaepernick vs. Cam Newton: how alike are they really? | Panthers-49ers clash reunites Newton, Kaepernick (Yahoo)

Panthers Game Notes

Believe it or not, 12 years ago Jim Harbaugh played on the same team with still active Carolina WR Steve Smith. | 49ers' Harbaugh faces old teammate (Inman)

Both teams are starting rookies on the defensive side that are early contenders for the Rookie of the Year award. | Eric Reid, Lotulelei Among Top Defensive Rookies (49ers)

Transcript of Harbaugh's latest media session where he talks about Steve Smith, Ron Rivera, Eric Reid, etc. | Coach's Notebook: Nov. 8 (49ers)

Aldon Smith is clearly playing, but what percentage of snaps will he play? | Aldon Smith to have limited role for 49ers vs. Panthers (NFL)

Harbaugh: 49ers have not discussed how much Smith will play (Maiocco)

Assorted Team Notes

Anquan Boldin hasn't forgotten where he came from and takes every opportunity to give back to his home town. | 49ers' Boldin passionate about charity work (SJMN)

An early promo on Pro-Bowl voting putting the spotlight on Alex Boone. | 49ers RG Would Be 'Boone' to Pro Bowl Roster (49ers)

Eric Reid's surprising performance and how his second half could go. | 49ers feel Eric Reid's best is yet to come (Yahoo)

Matt answers questions about the futures of Aldon Smith, Eric Wright, LaMichael James, Kyle Williams, and 49ers WRs. | 49ers Mailbag: Aldon Smith has long-term future with 49ers (Maiocco)

Some pretty hilarious ribbing of LMJ about Stanford's win over his Oregon Ducks. | Stanford Win Felt in 49ers Locker Room (49ers)

A sitdown chat with NaVorro Bowman. | Gameday Q&A: NaVorro Bowman (49ers)

Carlos Rogers hasn't gotten a lot of attention this season, but he has done a solid job. | CB Rogers in midst of ‘solid' season (Inman)

Farewell Candlestick

More Candlestick moments: Steve Young to T.O. in "The Catch II". | Farewell Candlestick: Wild Wildcard (49ers)

No he's not the new veteran WR signing. He will be an honorary captain though. | Guess who's back? Terrell Owens to serve as honorary 49ers captain (Barrows)

Read more here:

Another former 49ers great comes to honor the stadium's final season. | Terrell Owens' return to Candlestick (ESPN)


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