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Sunday Night Football game thread: Giants vs. Washington

We take a quick look at Sunday Night Football, and open a thread for discussion.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday Night Football features an NFC East matchup that has some value in the NFC East race, but not much. Washington hosts the New York Giants in a game that I think most of us wished had been flexed out. We could see some decent offense due to awful defenses, but we could also see some ugly football.

The 4-7 Giants can climb back to within two games of the first place Cowboys and Eagles. Washington stands at 3-8 and is playing more for Rams first round draft position! A Washington win would turn the NFC East into a two-team race, so there's always that. And I do enjoy seeing the Giants lose. They looked ready to climb back into the playoff chase, but a loss to Dallas last week put a serious crimp in those plans.

Use this thread primarily for SNF chatter. We'll have plenty more 49ers content to close out the evening.