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Golden Nuggets: BatKid, Coach's Cleats and Yellow Flags

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Batkid saves the Niners.
Batkid saves the Niners.
Picture from @brodiebrazilCSN

A few days after the game, everyone involved has had more time to analyze the 49ers win. We're seeing very divergent views on how this game went: from the Seahawks thinking the officials robbed them, to Jim Harbaugh wearing his new lucky cleats, to Anquan Boldin thanking Crabtree for looser coverage. The 49ers PR department probably thinks it's the awesome fan reaction to Fan-Memo-Gate. My favorite reason though is that BatKid was there to save the day again. He saved the City of San Francisco earlier this year from various villains and he was on hand again at Candlestick Park to thwart the villainous Seahawks. Every city needs a hero!

Way to go BatKid!! | Batkid saves San Francisco again as the 49ers defeat the Seahawks (Yahoo)

Coach Harbaugh has a new fashion trend and it has a 4-0 record. | Jim Harbaugh Sports Cleats for Good Luck (49ers)

Game Analysis

The offense was still not as effective as I would have liked against Seattle, but I was encouraged to see that Greg Roman tried to do something different. | Thompson: 49ers open up the playbook at the right time (Inside Bay Area)

The secondary grades well but the offensive line does not. | ReFo: Seahawks @ 49ers, Week 14 (PFF)

49ers defense makes impressive December stand (Yahoo)

Grading the 49ers' victory over the Seattle Seahawks (Inman)

I think this same question was running through a lot of our minds at the end of the game. | Carroll will research whether Seahawks should have let 49ers score (PFT)

Game Redux

Clarifications on that blocked punt/illegal batted ball play. | Explanation after blocked punt was good call on bad rule (Maiocco)

You know Michael Crabtree is truly back when he starts asking for the ball again. Definitely a good sign. | 49ers' Harbaugh encouraged by Crabtree's progress (Inman)

Crabtree has made voice heard, presence felt since returning (Branch)

Straight Out of the Rabbit's Hole: Win against the Seahawks validates the 49ers (49erswebzone)

Classic case of his talk being much louder than his game. | Richard Sherman is one mad bro (BASG)

Two words: sore losers. | Seahawks Point to Penalties in 49ers Loss (49ers)

Playoff Outlook

The only real advantage of the no. 5 seed would be avoiding playing the Seahawks again in the second round. Why bother? I don't care when we beat them as long as we beat them again. | Playoff outlook: Why No. 5 seed would be a prize for 49ers (Branch)

NFC West Report: Cards Keep Playoff Hopes Alive (49ers)

Fan Behavior

How far and how effective can teams go on regulating fan behavior? | 49ers attempt to teach a course on crowd participation (and the fans are failing) (BASG)

Harbaugh tips hat to Candlestick Park crowd (ESPN)

Seahawks fan presence at Candlestick didn't measure up to expectations (BASG)

Assorted Team Notes

Really looking forward to seeing what Lattimore can do next year. If he pans out, it will probably mean the 49ers will have a position surplus again at RB. | Harbaugh: Lattimore's confidence grew while on practice field (Maiocco)

The special teams unit are waves better than last season's. I credit Trent Baalke for giving it more attention this year. | Osgood, Special Teams Have Been Winners for 49ers (NBC)

I love how Phil Dawson's consistency has made us NOT have to think about the kicker position this year. | 49ers kicker Dawson excited to make impact in playoff race (Inside Bay Area)

Another Candlestick moment. | 49ers at Candlestick Park: The Gigantic Comeback (SJMN)