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Jim Tomsula through his daughter's eyes. Part 2: My dad, the comedian

Jim Tomsula's daughter, Britney, tells us some incredibly funny stories about her Dad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this multi-part series, we get a glimpse into Jim Tomsula's life as one of the best position coaches in the NFL, via his daughter, Britney. She spoke with our Tre9er on a special episode of the Niners Nation Podcast and gave us a look into her Dad's life. Here is a link to Part 1.

It's not hard to imagine Jim Tomsula being a funny guy. Hell, it's funny just to watch him energetically pace the sidelines and coach his players, at times. But here are some stories about him that you've probably never heard, and they're downright hilarious.

Unsurprisingly, Tomsula spends many long nights at 49ers headquarters studying film, often times those nights run into the next morning. So how does he keep his energy up when most people would crash and burn before the midnight oil had even been lit?

The answer evokes some great pictures in my imagination. I think we need Photoshop. Sadly I'm no help there. On to the story:

My dad can't sleep until tasks are done. When he sleeps at the office he'll do this thing...He'll put a dip in, get on the elliptical for a half hour, chug a Diet Coke, and then go back to film. And he'll do that every couple of hours.

This might be the funniest thing I've ever heard. I can imagine Tomsula going to town on the elliptical, bottom lip bulging out, sweating, watching The Home Shopping Network or whatever crappy programming typically finds it's way onto the TV at the local gym (though I'm sure the 49ers have a better set-up).

The next time I pull an all-nighter, I might have to try this...except I don't chew tobacco. Damn...

Next Britney talks about how her Dad tried to quit "dip" a few times. This particular time, it did not go as expected.

He's tried to quit [dip] a couple of times, and I really think he will because of my little brother, he doesn't want him to do it. One time when he was at work overnight, he put on a nicotine patch, cause he was trying to quit. He forgot that he had it on, and put a dip in, he caved.

And he was spazzing out, he called my Mom and was like, ‘Oh my Gosh I'm so energized, I don't know what's going on!?!?' My Mom was like, ‘Jim...Are you serious? You have a nicotine patch on and you put a dip in...'

As if Jimmy T needed any more energy, anyway?!? If anything he needs to slow down before he hurts himself! Speaking of which, for a guy who played football in college and has put in the long work required to coach in the NFL, how has his body held-up to all of that? Any surgeries, for instance?

He has both of his hips replaced. He actually got a hip replacement with Greg Manusky.

Me: Was it like a two-for-one special or something?!?

(Laughs) It was my Dad's second one, and they just decided to do it together.

Me: Usually people go on vacation together, double dates with the wives or something, maybe...

It was just hilarious because when we showed up at the hospital they were in rooms next to each other and they were yelling back and forth, so my Dad was like, ‘Greg!?! How are you?!?!?'

Me: bwahahaha

And they give you the drugs afterwards, so he's all loopy and he's like, ‘I love you Greg!!'

Another case where I wish we had Hollywood to do this skit for us. I can see them pressing their hands against the glass, each from their adjacent room.

What does your Dad say when he get's noticed, the fame that comes with being on TV and such?

I read an article and he was referenced as the ‘Ron Jeremy' of the 49ers. I had to tell him about it. His response was that they show him on camera because, ‘Sex sells. They gotta show the good-looking Italian guy!'

Tomsula is just as funny as we expected him to be, and these are just a few stories demonstrating that. I have to think it's downright awesome to be around the guy, and Britney says as much in the interview. It's no wonder his players love him and play so hard.

We'll have even more from Britney in future parts of the series, so check back!

You can listen to the whole interview with Britney Tomsula below:

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