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Golden Nuggets: Dashon Goldson vs Eric Reid, Anthony Davis vs Greg Schiano and More Impossible Matchups

Thursday, December 12, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big story lines going into this weekends matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will the ceaseless comparison of Eric Reid and the man he replaced in the San Francisco secondary, Dashon Goldson. Reid has been everything that we've hoped for and more. The two will be intertwined in our neck of the woods from now until Goldson stops playing….so get used to it.

Looking at the 2013 draft class, a highly touted one, only Reid, Vance McDonald and Corey Lemonier have contributed in any measurable way with the latter two contributing in a minor way. Quinton Patton and Nick Moody have missed significant time with injuries. Tank Carradine and Marcus Lattimore are on hold until next year. Quinton Dial has played sparingly since recovering from his injury. Marcus Cooper is the one player aside from Reid who's logging serious playing time, but that's with the Chiefs. How do people feel about the class now that the regular season is coming to a close? I, for one, still think it can and will be amazing. I'm just curious if anyone out there feels it's lost a bit of its luster.

Reunions and Other 49ers vs Bucs News

Aside from the Goldson reunion, there is also the story of Anthony Davis playing against his college coach at Rutgers, Greg Schiano. Davis has had nothing nice to say about him since turning pro. We'll see if they shake hands. | 49ers' Davis on playing for Bucs' Schiano: ‘It was a learning experience' (Branch)

Even when Dashon was a 49er, this accusation was always under the surface. Do you think he's a dirty player? | Dashon Goldson on his dirty player reputation: ‘I think that's ridiculous' (Branch)

Davis heeds Schiano's warning, does not fizzle out (Maiocco)

Goldson's rookie replacement shines (ESPN)

Harbaugh: Goldson's recent visit to 49ers felt 'normal' (Maiocco)

Audio - Bucs' Goldson: 'Reminds Me of My Days in San Fran' (

Dashon Goldson Hosts 49ers Friends on Sunday (

Must happen/Can't happen against Bucs (ESPN)

A happy Rutgers reunion Sunday? (ESPN)

Coach Speak

Audio and transcript from Coach's media session. | Coach's Notebook: Dec. 11 (

Schiano has nothing but praise for former OL Anthony Davis (Gin)

Audio - Greg Schiano: 'Every Win Is Precious' (

Transcript - Schiano on RT Davis: ‘I know I got under his skin sometimes' (Inman)


Just when Adam Snyder seems to be playing a decent game, he inexplicably lets a guy through for a sack or hit on Kap. While Mike Iupati has not been good in pass protection, I can't wait for him to get back and get warmed up for the playoffs. | Mike Iupati returning to practice (ESPN)

And now Michael Crabtree is showing up in the injury reports. I hope he's OK, because the added threat he poses has made everyone else in the passing game that much more dangerous. | 49ers injuries: Iupati back at practice; Crabtree dealing with ankle sprain (Barrows)

Harbaugh says there was no setback on Tank Carradine (Gin)

Harbaugh to Texas

The rumors that have Jim Harbaugh leaving the 49ers to coach the Texas Longhorns are absolutely ridiculous….right? | Harbaugh buzz makes time right for contract extension (Maiocco)

Harbaugh not amused by being linked to Univ. of Texas job (Inman)

Phil Dawson

How about Phil Dawson? He earned every penny of that contract he signed in the offseason. If he misses any one of those four field goals, we'd have been in trouble. 20 straight! | Bad weather, good kicker: Dawson's confidence, comfort level growing (Barrows)

And now he's an award winner. | Dawson's record-setting, game-winning streak earns him honor (Inman)

Kap Stories

As long as Kap continues to give one word answers, he'll forever be seen as disinterested. | Say "cheese": if Colin Kaepernick looked the part, his critics would probably clam up (BASG)

You'd definitely want that interception on the horrible fade to Michael Crabtree back. If Frank Gore doesn't rip a 51-yarder to set up the game-winning field goal then that play would be the one to cost us the game. | Kaepernick on his accuracy: ‘There's obviously always a few you'd want back' (Inman)

Misc Player News

I don't think Carlos Rogers should say anything about the RGIII situation, but here he is. What do you guys think about that debacle? I think Griffin has shown he'd play with half a leg, even if it's bad for everyone's long-term interest, so I don't understand the implication that this is somehow his fault. But as Kap's '13 campaign has shown, when golden boys begin to look less golden, even if it's just slightly, haters will pounce. | ProFootballTalk: Carlos Rogers blasts RGIII (PFT)

Special-teams star Ventrone motivated to tackle another Super Bowl (Branch)

Misc Team News

Matt Maiocco takes a look at Tuesday's transactions. I like it. He puts forth the idea that the Ryan Seymour signing causes more problems for Seattle given their offensive line's injury problems than it helps the 49ers. | A closer look at the 49ers' comings and goings (Maiocco)

Lots of praise being heaped on Eric Wright lately. Is he going to make Carlos Rogers expendable (assuming Carlos' own contract doesn't do the job)? | Seahawks-49ers: Final observations (SF Gate)

NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Company cited in stadium death (ESPN)