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Let's get a Niners Nation brick for Levi's Stadium

The 49ers move in to Levi's Stadium at the start of next season, and as part of the construction process, they are going to have a fan walk filled with fan-bought bricks. For prices ranging from $200 to $545, you can purchase a brick that will appear in the walkway. Here is a picture of it:


I've decided Niners Nation needs a brick. I suppose we could spend our money on something else, but there is something cool about getting a brick at the new stadium. I figure people can find it and take their picture with it when they go to games. It'll become "a thing" or something like that!

I was going to purchase the brick myself, but I figured I'd see if anybody wanted to go in on it with me. Accordingly, I've created a page to raise money to buy one or more bricks. If you are interested in kicking in a few bucks, you are welcome to. You can donate as little as you want. I'd say don't donate more than $10 or $20. I won't stop people, but I'd prefer to spread this among as many people as possible.

In making this donation, you don't actually get a replica brick or anything like that. You are just helping to purchase a brick that will represent the entire site. You can take pictures with it at the stadium whether you donate or not. If you do donate and make the donation public at the page, I'll give a shoutout to all who help. If we don't raise enough money for the brick, I will cover the difference.

Right now, the plan is to purchase one of the gray plaza bricks for $200. The basic red premium option for $265 is sold out. The next two levels on the red premium bricks are $495 and $545. Rather than spend that much on one, I'd rather potentially buy two bricks for $400. We'll see how quickly this fills up. If we struggle to get near $200, we'll just get one brick. If we race past $200, we'll get a second brick. If we're approaching $400 fairly quickly, I'll close down the donations at $400 so we can figure out the next step after two bricks.

For now, the first brick will have this inscription (it will be gray instead of red). This is the longest running joke in site history, and I'd love to memorialize it for as long as Levi's Stadium is around.:


If it looks like we'll have enough for a second brick, I'll be open to suggestions for the second brick. You're welcome to suggest some in here. But for now, let's get to one.

Head over now to donate