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Jim Harbaugh talks Bucs, second half defense and more

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the 49ers media Friday afternoon before the team left for Tampa. We've got a transcript for your viewing pleasure.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

How was the week of preparation?

"It was a good week, a very good week. Good attention to detail right from the beginning and now we load up and head to Tampa."

How did G Mike Iupati look in practice?

"Good. It's still a possibility."

That he'll play?

"It's possible."

If he does, I mean, that would be, you guys still haven't had your ideal 11 starters on offense. It's kind of unique isn't it to go this long in the season without having the 11 guys that you kind of pin pointed as your starters?

"I don't know about that. We're preparing for a football game."

What have you seen out of your defense in the second halves of games? They've been able to take keep a lot of teams out of the end zone after halftime. Is that just something about just the adjustments they're making, the scheme, or just their mentality?

"Probably some degree to do with all of those things. I know they do a great job at halftime, [defensive coordinator] Vic [Fangio] and his staff. They get a lot covered in a short amount of time. That's a good observation. But, our defense has been solid all four quarters. When you look back and you say after numerous games they really played well, everybody contributed, they played good team defense. And, that's very important when you're playing a big game on the road like this one."

The other day, Matt Barrows, I don't know if he was serious or not, asked you about the Texas job. Things like that do you say what are they asking me, or do you go along with the flow and have a little fun back? Everybody, every coach in the world seems to be up now mentioned for the Texas job even though they don't have a chance. Do you pay attention to that stuff?


You have a really great record, your teams, when they go to the East Coast. Do you do something differently to prepare when you go to the East Coast? I mean, the games really early in the mornings, 10:00 AM for these guys?

"Just go be ready to play good football. Pack your defense. Take care of business. And you've got to play well. It's no different than the home games or the Midwest games."

As you studied Tampa, any synopsis for sort of what they've done so much better these last five games? Obviously, the results have been so much better these last five weeks. What do you see them doing particularly well in this stretch?

"I don't know if this qualifies as a synopsis or not, but they're a good football team. I wouldn't just say the last five weeks. There's games they lost, I can think of three, where the opponent got darn lucky to win them. So, they're that kind of football team. They didn't win them, but that doesn't make them any less of a good football team. Talented players that play within a very good scheme. The quarterback has improved most dramatically each week. I think anybody that's watching the games understands that. That's been very impressive."

As a follow up to her question, don't you believe that good teams win whatever the situation? Whether they have to play early or late or in the rain or in the snow, on the road or home, they'll find a way to win if they're a good team?

"You could just say that for all of the games, yes. You've got to play good in this league to win games. Just got to play good."

When you signed CB Eric Wright this summer, you said it had the makings of a great story. How would you say that story's unfolded so far?

"Very well. Feel good for him and feel good to be a part of it in a small way. But, he's done the heavy lifting, no question about that."