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Mack Brown, Texas and Jim Harbaugh: Hopefully starting to wind down

We take a look at the Mack Brown-Texas story as it continues to evolve, and hopefully wraps up soon.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We've got some updates surrounding the Texas football program and their head coach. Mack Brown can officially be listed as "embattled", as he now seems to be fighting to retain his job.

The latest reports indicate he spoke with the school's AD and President to try and keep his job. Reports indicate he is in fact going to keep the job, but for now that remains rumor. This story likely has not seen its final twist or turn, so if it does interest you, I recommend keeping an eye on this storystream.

Amidst Mack Brown's travails, there is other connected information. The most notable in the college world is that Nick Saban has agreed to a contract extension with Alabama. Reports have him now making over $7 million a year. I imagine that number will rise further the next time a great opportunity arises.

More importantly for our purposes, 49ers GM Trent Baalke indicated Texas has not approached the team about talking with Coach Harbaugh.

The chatter has been overwhelming the last couple days, but it seems more and more likely this story will quiet down. I'm sure we could see a change to that, so we'll see what the next few days brings.

In the meantime, Tim Kawakami ran off this string of tweets earlier in the evening. This is all just based on anonymous sources, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's still interesting information to consider.