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Vernon Davis continues to build on strong 2013 season

Vernon Davis added to his strong 2013 season with a touchdown in Week 15. We take a look at another big day for the 49ers tight end.

Al Messerschmidt

The San Francisco 49ers effectively closed out their 33-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a ten minute field goal drive and then the fumble recovery touchdown. However, at one point in the second quarter, it looked like the 49ers were going to be able to blow this thing wide open. Leading 10-0, Colin Kaepernick connected with Vernon Davis on a gorgeous 52-yard touchdown.

Davis finished the game with five receptions for 79 yards and the touchdown. The score marked Davis' fifth straight game with a touchdown. Terrell Owens was the last 49er to record a touchdown reception in five straight games. TO scored seven touchdowns during that five-game stretch. He finished the season with 16 touchdowns. Davis currently has 12 touchdowns, which makes him the first tight end in NFL history to register at least 12 touchdown receptions in two different seasons. I have a hunch Jimmy Graham will accomplish this feat before his career is over, but he won't be the first!

While the return of Michael Crabtree is key, Vernon Davis remains the team's most significant deep threat. Crabtree does great work underneath and on intermediate routes, but nobody on this team has the combination of size and speed that Vernon Davis brings to the table week after week. The 49ers don't have a deep threat wide receiver, but it really doesn't matter because Vernon Davis is that deep threat. They need the consistent play from their wide receivers, but they don't necessarily need another burner. It wouldn't hurt, but there is no need to consider them to be without.

Davis did have one slightly scary moment on his touchdown. Immediately after hauling in the touchdown, Davis ran into the wall just past the end zone. Raymond James Stadium has very little space between the end zone and the seats. Davis hit the wall and fell to the ground.


Davis was slow getting up, but all indications are he is fine. According to Pro Football Talk, the 49ers did not give Davis a concussion test. PFT said 49ers PR guru Bob Lange told them "He showed no ill effects when he came to the sideline and there was no call from the independent trainer in the booth upstairs."

So, that's a good thing. My guess is the speed with which he was running led to the hit into the wall and he potentially had his wind knocked out for a moment. He played the second half, and all seemed well.