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Eddie DeBartolo on Jim Harbaugh contract extension: 'I think they’re well on their way of getting it done'

Former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo had a chance to weigh in on the chatter surrounding Jim Harbaugh and a contract extension. We take a look at some of his comments.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The talk of the last week has been about Jim Harbaugh, Texas and whether or not the 49ers will get him signed to a contract extension. It was only fitting that Eddie DeBartolo had a chance to chime in on the subject. The former 49ers owner, and uncle to current CEO Jed York, lives in Tampa, which meant he had a chance to go to Sunday's 49ers-Bucs game. Before the game, he held court with the media, discussing a variety of topics.

DeBartolo told the assembled media that he spoke with York on Saturday, and as he put it, "I think they're well on their way to getting it done." He did have some interesting comments about coach burnout. He dealt with it with Bill Walsh, and he comes at it from an interesting angle given the rollercoaster of emotions the two of them dealt with at times.

I do think an extension gets done, but the performance the rest of December and potentially into the playoffs will give us more of a handle on the situation. If the 49ers run the table and win the Super Bowl, that could very well make it easier to close the deal. It does give Jim Harbaugh more leverage, but if this team can close the deal on Lombardi No. 6, that might give all parties involved more incentive to finish an extension.

DeBartolo had a chance to talk about several other subjects. He told the media he will be in attendance for Monday's regular season finale at Candlestick Park. He will join other past 49ers as honorary team captains for the game. He also had some comments about Candlestick:

He also had some comments about Charles Haley's Hall of Fame hopes:

Haley, DeBartolo and Roger Craig are all semifinalists for the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame class.