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Golden Nuggets: Replacing Jersey #49

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Al Messerschmidt

Hi guys! My name is Billy Kerr (billyk725) and I'm the new guy on Niners Nation. I have been a lifelong 49ers fan. Born in the 80's, my mom raised me watching the 49ers and one of my favorite pastimes was watching the 1990 Super Bowl between the 49ers and Broncos. I must have watched our video tape of that game about 100 times. I am a season ticket holder to the new stadium in Santa Clara. I have gone to roughly 80% of the home games in the last 5 years and every playoff home game the last 2 years.

As many of us 49er fans know, losing Bruce Miller is a significant blow to the team. He suffered a broken left scapula (shoulder blade) in Sunday’s win against Tampa and has been ruled out the rest of the season. He doesn’t jump off the TV screen, but he is a tremendous contributor to the offense. He is a big reason the Niners are top 5 in rushing yards and rushing yards per game. He not only opens up running lanes for Frank Gore, but he is the Niners 3rd leading receiver. He averages 9.7 yards a catch and has 12 receiving first downs. Finding a suitable replacement for his contribution may result in using a committee.

First in line for his job would be Anthony ‘Boobie’ Dixon. Dixon already contributes energy to the special team and is a short yardage specialist for the offense, but he recently was getting frustrated with his lack of offensive opportunities. With Miller’s injury, it presents the chance for Dixon to show he can contribute. Another viable option would be to use Michael Wilhoite. Wilhoite learned the fullback position in the offseason, but I don’t think he will be able to be a reliable pass catcher. Another option is picking up a fullback. Will Tukuafu, according to sources, worked out with the Niners on Tuesday. It was also reported that former Stanford FB Owen Marecic could be an option. He spent 4 games with the Niners earlier this year and is a free agent.

I feel the Niners will go with Anthony Dixon carrying most of the duties and the offense going to more running sets without a FB. Look for Greg Roman to go to more 3 WR sets. The Bruce Miller loss is a blow to the Niners, but something they can overcome. As the saying in football goes, "Next man up".

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